Feng Shui voor balans en harmonie in jouw tuin en jouw leven.
Feng Shui for balance and harmony in your garden and in your life.

January 9th by Tuincoach

Life is about energy and flow. I love to communicate about the natural energy that is all around us and nourishes or weakens us.

Harmony and being able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings contributes highly to the most wonderful experiences in our lives. Basic to our ability to enjoy and feel happy is our consciousness and recognition of the infinite power of our being. Thus we also connect and inspire each other.

I believe we can find strength and inspiration in the cylce of the seasons. Our garden is the nearest available space where we can be aware of, experience, value and influence our well-being and wealth.

Create your garden to reflect your personality and manage it as a source of inspiration. This blog will press interesting articles I value and want to share with you. I will post my own and will also reblog others.

Enjoy reading about gardens, plants and people! Life is a garden! Everything is energy!

Sunny regards, Mariëtte Verlaan – Feng Shui garden and landscape professional in The Netherlands –


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