People just love curves. In Feng Shui curves represent the flow of water. Water is our main source of life. Water and wind consist of pure energy. Together they are the strongest, calmest, most vigorous and relaxing energy in life.
From this experiment: “…people preferred curved in all categories. For landscape, a whopping 80 percent pressed the like button. “Curves are just more pleasing.” (That’s something Frederick Law Olmsted and other landscape architects figured out ages ago).”
Cheers to harmonious biophilic landscaping in gardens and public projects!
Mariëtte Verlaan, Feng Shui garden and landscape professional in The Netherlands and Europe


curves Curved path in Central Park, New York City / Wikipedia

Why do images of nature have such a positive impact on us? Is it the colors? The patterns? Or the shapes? At the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in New Orleans, Hessam Ghamari, a graduate student in environmental design at Texas Tech University, is trying to figure out the impact of contours on our brain behavior. Ghamari and his colleagues have explored the reaction to both sharp and curved as they relate to objects, architectural interiors and exteriors, and landscapes. As part of the experiment, they also tested to see whether prepping people to think they were in a hospital had an any impact on their response to the shapes.

Ghamari said Texas Tech won a grant to review all the neuroscience literature related to nature. They were particularly interested in one study from Harvard University researchers, who showed…

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