20120824-Mariette Enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Make it a small and attractive paradise for your health.

Sunny regards, Mariëtte Verlaan (the Netherlands)


The Faithful House garden has been planted.  And let me tell you, it was a family and community affair.

After my husband teased me to design a vegetable garden, I decided to take him on.  Once the draft was in his hands Kevin graciously cut out the sod which was located off to the side and built our raised beds.

We pulled in a colleague of ours to fill the raised beds with the turned over sod, covered with newspaper to serve as a sheet mulch while the sod broke down and a balanced soil blend I ordered from one of my favorite soil distributors.  The site’s native soil, being very close to the beach is great, on the sandy side but ripe and ready for a little plumping with some good chunky organics.

The vegetable garden area was designed to meet the needs or our family.  Each bed being no wider than…

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