Great article and photography from my dear colleague and gardencoach friend.
Happy reading! Mariëtte Verlaan
>> Please note that the theme of the International People Plant Symposium 2012 to be held in September in The Netherlands is ‘Diversity: toward a new Vision of Nature’ and aims at the topics people, nature, health, care, education, science and business. Love to meet you!

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*Please take your time with this one and pass it on to anyone you know who might be in need, thanks!

Working a job in a nursery, running my own business and writing a book, taking care of family and a geriatric dog are the tip of the iceberg for the makings of my very busy life. I’m CERTAIN that yours is as well, many of you can take that list and multiply the dimension of stress by two or three without a doubt in my mind.

I found myself in very desperate need of a mental health break, if only for an hour yesterday, when a client mentioned that she had recently been to the local botanical garden and how beautiful it is right now. The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a place that I typically only have time to visit in the “off-season”. So, when my client mentioned this…

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